Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Japanese Subtitles (日本語字幕)

I want to give a shout-out to two incredible Japanese translators, who have generously donated their time, expertise, and energy to translating The Insular Empire into Japanese.

Masumi Mukai is a member of the Japanese group Translators United for Peace. She took on the task of translating the film's transcript, reviewing it with other TUP translators for accuracy, and sending me a finished Japanese transcript for The Insular Empire.

Shoko Hata, a student here in Vancouver at Simon Fraser University, has been my personal babelfish, sitting with me for long hours to help place Masumi's translation into subtitles on The Insular Empire DVD. I plan to have the Japanese translation complete this week, and Japanese-subtitled DVD's ready for sale soon after.

Thank you!!

Next on my list: Spanish subtitles. Please contact me if you're interested in translating The Insular Empire into Spanish!


Martha Duenas Baum said...

Congratulations! I remember witnessing the exchange thru emails just a short while back. What a team you folks have created! On to Japan screenings, eh?

Peace Philosopher said...

Bravo Shoko! Thank you Vanessa for providing this opportunity for her.


Shoko said...

Vanessa, thank you for this introduction of me..and the red hat! I'm happy to see the red hat looking good on me!!:) As Satoko-san said, thank you for such a interesting opportunity. I've been enjoying working with you.

Satoko-san, thank you for introducing me to her!!