Tuesday, July 28, 2009

ISO: Chamorro end credits music

I'm in the online edit now, finishing The Insular Empire with rock star editor/After Effects wizard Mike Addison at Force Four here in Vancouver. But we've run into a snag: my fearless team in the CNMI hasn't been able to track down the rights to the song we'd been planning to run over the end credits of the 58 minute (festival/educational) version.

So... now, in the 11th hour, we’re looking for a new song for the end credits. It has to be sung in Chamorro, and ideally it should be about the Marianas as homeland.

If anyone out there can suggest a song, please email me – and please attach the song (or a link to the song) so I can hear it. And if you know who has the rights to it, please let me know that as well.

Si Yu’us maase!

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